Anti-Plagiarism Policy

The image shows our cooperation with the online plagiarism detection service PlagScan

International Journal of Civil Engineering (IJCE) regards plagiarism as a serious offence. It is an illegal form of copying content from others’ work.

Plagiarism is defined as the unacknowledged use of the work from other author(s) as if this is authors’ own original work.

By submitting paper for publication to the journal, Author(s) certify that:

·I/We are fully aware of the fact that plagiarism is illegal.

·I/We know that plagiarism means using another person’s published work and to pretend that it is one’s own.

·I/We declare that any contribution to the article either from other persons’ published work or unpublished sources has been properly acknowledged and source has been referenced.

·I/We are solely responsible for any incomplete reference that may remain in my/our work.

Anti-plagiarism declaration:

I have read and understood the IJCE plagiarism policy. I hereby declare that this piece of written work is the result of independent scholarly research and that in all cases material from the work of others (in books, articles, dissertations, and on the internet) is acknowledged and quotations and paraphrases are clearly indicated. No material other than that listed has been used. Also this written work has not previously published anywhere else.