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    Self Sustainable Energy From Road Transport Pressure

    Abstract- Sustainable Development is the way forward for the future. But sustainable development can only be possible at the cost of Sustainable energy. If we use conventional sources to fulfill our energy demand, the day is not far when all of the sources of energy would get exhausted.

    This paper attempts to show how non-conventional form of energy can be produced, stored and used using the road transport pressure.The number of vehicles coming on road is increasing exponentially every year. There is possibility of tapping the energy and generating power by making the speed breaker as a power generation unit. The generated power can be used for illuminating the Traffic Lights and the lamps near the speed breakers and would be of great help during night time too. Many efforts in the past have been done on the same and this paper focuses on combining Mechanical units in kinetic energy with piezoelectric generators for efficient energy production.



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